Avellas Lawn Care Services LLC - Patios | Appleton, WI
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Relax – we’ll take care of your lawn!

Keeping your lawn in top shape takes time and effort. Let the pros at Avella's Lawn Care Services LLC handle it. Our team of licensed, insured and bonded experts offers weekly mowing and maintenance that will keep your lawn looking fresh and healthy.

Our lawn care services include:

Aeration, the process of soil perforation makes it easier for water, air, and fertilizer to reach plant roots, which helps your lawn to get the nutrients needed to remain lush, healthy, and beautiful. Generally, this process should be completed every year or two. Call us for a free estimate, and we’ll help you decide the best aeration and lawn care schedule for your needs.

Keep your plants healthy with aeration

Rely on Avella's Lawn Care Services LLC to keep your landscape looking its best, all year long. Snow removal and patio and deck services are also available.

Call for a free lawn care estimate.